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Too fit or too unfit? HRM question

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--- Quote from: Feline on February 15, 2012, 08:43:26 pm ---My heart rate can reach 195bpm on the bike which at my age shouldn't even be possible. I have stopped using the HR band  :D

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Hmmm. Interesting. I used my HRM on my commute for the first time this morning. I'm not sure it's going to be able to tell me anything useful.

I'll need to check the full stats when I upload the data this evening but there were points where it was claiming I was well above the 90th percentile effort. Thing is, I know I rode quite hard, but I didn't feel that I was going "nearly flat out" at any time. (According to the usual formulae, my max HR should be around 180 but clearly that's nonsense.)

Apparently, I averaged 151bpm for the 33 minutes I was riding, so regardless of whatever "zone" that falls into, I think it counts a pretty decent workout.

Must measure my max HR properly and tweak the settings...


I mean the usual formulae you get presented with if you search for "max hr calculator" on google (eg 220-age), which are clearly based on population scale averages. I'm sure they're fine for the purposes of working out an average HR max for a given age group, so they're not nonsense in that sense - just nonsense for most of us cyclists who are fitter than average.

Obviously there's no substitute for measuring your individual HR max properly, using science instead of statistics.

(I know I'm not telling anyone here anything they don't already know.)



Look at the picture. Throw away the calculator.


--- Quote from: simonp on May 23, 2012, 02:56:27 pm ---

Look at the picture. Throw away the calculator.

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They found a standard deviation of 11 beats/min. So if you're calculating 70% of HR-max, that becomes about 7.

Exercising in bands that are 7 off your 'ideal' bands is not a disaster. Not ideal, but not bad. For many people it will be closer than 7.

For higher bands the error gets worse, so as you spend more time up there, it becomes more worthwhile to get a more accurate HRmax estimate.



--- Quote from: GruB on February 17, 2012, 08:41:29 pm ---Because sugar is like a drug and it is very addictive.  Will power and commitment - what most fat people do not have.

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Is the sort of borderline insultingly dismissive answer that seems to come from people who don't have any real problem.

We all know people who can eat like horses, and never put on weight; we also know people who exercise hard and eat sensibly, but still don't shift it. How does your theory explain this? How does it also explain the recent research, just published, that showed that after dieting the body can become "super-efficient" to get back to what it is blueprinted to be?

Sorry to sound grumpy, but why is it that it's acceptable to dismiss fat people as lazy and without commitment or will power; when it wouldn't be acceptable to use the same language about any other feature of an individual?


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