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What was the last film you watched?

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--- Quote from: AndyK on May 13, 2012, 08:07:50 AM ---I wasn't over enamoured with 3D, the layers were obvious. It felt like I was watching an old child's toy theatre with the card-cutout actors.

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Probably retro-fitted 3D. 

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Nope, this was Tron Legacy.

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Hugh Grant films can often give the impression of a card-cutout actor.

Eccentrica Gallumbits:
Before Sunrise and Before Sunset. Meh.


An above average “Boy meets Girl kills lots of zombie” movie. If you can get past the blood and gore: all done in a light-hearted cartoon style the jokes come thick and fast: remember Rule 4: buckle up for a ride!

There are a few plot holes and could have been a little longer (more “Zombie kill of the week” would have been nice)  but sit back and enjoy the ride: especially Woody Harrisons performance which just shows what drives a man in the land of the living dead.

Recommended.  :thumbsup: seems this film has been discussed previously:

Taken - with Liam Neeson.

A sort of Bourne-Lite meets Death Wish.

Pretty awful but, if I was still 20 and had a few beers inside me, I'd probably think it was pretty good.

Neeson obviously got his voice coaching from Sean Connery.

I also recently watched "The Lavender Hill Mob".  A much better film.

The Raid - forget the simplistic dialogue, just sit back and take in the almost non- stop brutal exhililarating action.  Date movie it is so not. Odd to consider that its Director, Huw Gareth Evans once did welsh language videos in Cardiff....



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