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Wow!! Bikes are good.  New Zealand politician Julie Anne Genter cycles to hospital to give birth

OT Knowledge / Re: Tube or starter?
« Last post by Kim on Yesterday at 11:01:23 pm »
Every time a fluorescent fails I buy the wrong thing.  Starter or tube?
Symptoms. Glowing at either end,  no flickering or attempts to start.

I'm going to guess starter:  If both ends are glowing it suggests the coils are intact, but the starter's not breaking the circuit.

You wanted a spare one anyway, and they're a lot easier to carry home from the shop...
The Pub / Re: Tune Association
« Last post by Mr Larrington on Yesterday at 10:57:01 pm »
The Waltz That Carried Us Away And Then A Mosquito Came And Ate Up My Sweetheart ~ John Fahey
Audax / Re: Audax Dreams for the New Season
« Last post by Pingu on Yesterday at 10:56:43 pm »
I might do an Audax. No promises thobut.
The Pub / Re: Music you can’t stand
« Last post by Mr Larrington on Yesterday at 10:54:23 pm »
Sorry, I don't think there's a single genre of music I won't listen to. Some of them, I can have enough of quite quickly, and individual examples can be dire, but my tastes and appreciation has broadened over the years. I even quite like Opera, but I couldn't eat a whole one.

This. And sometimes music I disliked when I first heard it can come to be appreciated.

The history of popular music is littered with people who've had this experience with Trout Mask Replica ;D
Arts and Entertainment / Re: What's the last gig you went to see?
« Last post by Jaded on Yesterday at 10:45:23 pm »
As you have mentioned Peat and Diesel...

The Knowledge / Re: 222-47 Tyre for disabled person trike. Anyone help?
« Last post by aidan.f on Yesterday at 10:42:21 pm »
Butternut, Good of you to go the extra mile, how about you approach the eBay seller, they may delist or sell at reduced price given the intended use.
OT Knowledge / Re: Tube or starter?
« Last post by lissotriton on Yesterday at 10:09:01 pm »
Starters are cheap and mostly standard, so worth having a few spares to test out.

Or replace the tube with an LED instead. Then no starter needed.
The Pub / Re: Black Friday - who's buying?
« Last post by Pedaldog on Yesterday at 10:07:09 pm »
I ordered Sprogs' Christmas present today.  Same as one I got a couple of weeks ago but, Black Friday, £30.00 less than I had to pay for mine.  I admit it is a Bargain for what it is and does.
The Knowledge / Re: 222-47 Tyre for disabled person trike. Anyone help?
« Last post by ButternutBikes on Yesterday at 10:04:37 pm »
Butternut Bikes  -  this reads as  daughter is very attached to her trike, and taking  it away, even for a short time and  the best  reasons may cause distress.

, but there are complications regarding covid, and getting the trike out without the daughter on it etc to have a proper look.

You could consider the Ken Rodgers option  -

As LWAB sez they are good quality, Gary Wright and Geoff Booker are currently refurbishing two of them. I expect you could get it tidyed up with volunteer help.

Then present as a 'new trike' which will be a positive for daughter

I think this is a good idea. Obviously I'm also dealing with an 85 yr old mother who is slightly confused herself. It's a difficult situation as also due to Covid we can't go round and visit. I think the lateral thinking approach here about getting a new trike is probably the best idea. Thanks all. I will raise it with her and see if that would fly. Happy to spend a few quid to get it done, we're not a big money-making shop but £100 to make someone happy is worth it for the feels and, frankly, a couple of hours of my time trying to find these random sized tyres!

I had to get some 22 inch tyres from Finland the other day, I have a feeling that no matter what size tyres and tubes we stock, there's always someone who comes into the shop determined to catch me out!
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