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Making your own bike shed
« on: 31 March, 2024, 01:12:27 pm »
Starting for a skill level of "can use a screwdriver".

I want a bike shed for front of house to store my catrike, as I am unlikely to ride it if I have to carry it through the house.

As it's a recumbent it doesn't need to be a high shed but it needs to be longer.  Most sheds on the market are unnecessarily tall (tiger pent is 1.7m!) on the short side (2.1 m would do, but a Lille extra length would mean I wouldn't need to reset the boom every ride) and ideally it would open at one end, not at the side.
With quoted prices ranging from £200 (for a metal frame, no attachment to the ground) to £800 (Asgard 29er.shed) and nothing a perfect fit, how hard would it be to make something myself?

I was thinking a wood structure mostly to keep out the elements, and then a ground anchor and lockon bike for security.   
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Re: Making your own bike shed
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Yeah,we know them, part of the tern massive.
As it would be the side.of a bin tidy and not bvt I am not worried (and it would not be the first, second or third bike shed on our street)
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