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In les deux alps at the moment, found out why we've not been here before. Runs below 2000 pretty much un-skiable, resort full of cars, never been in a resort this size where parking is free and pretty much uncontrolled. Leads to the situation you might expect. Still, nice to be out, as long as the snow stays away for the return journey....

I ought to add, is definitely consider this as a family ski destination - entirely blue accessible, with even most steep runs with a longer loop. A few reds, and even some black designated (most would be red elsewhere). With the lower slopes open, the overall experience would be better


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I am travelling to Saalbach-Hinterglemm on Saturday.   There has been a few falls of snow on the mountains in the past week which should make some  nice skiing.  Unfortunately it was rain at the bottom lifts.  No snow next week. The freezing line is forecast to be above the top lift for my entire stay.  Still, I expect to have fun.


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I went to Cervinia in Italy a few weeks ago. It's just across the border from Zermatt Switzerland, and there's a somewhat fragile interlink between them.

First couple of days, the interlinks were closed on account of high winds and zero viz.
Weather cleared a bit after that.

Cervinia is well-known for problems with high winds, and the only way back from the Swiss side is a single high-altitude gondola, which they are prone to closing with zero notice. The geography is such that a taxi back from Zermatt to Cervinia is around 1000 Euro, so well worth avoiding. If you get stuck, best stay the night in cheap acom. You will need to have your passport.

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For anyone interested, Sportpursuit have some stonking deals on Faction skis at the moment, quite a bit  of current range at -70%

(Sportpursuit need sign in, invitees provide £5 credit after first order, if you don't have an account and/or a friend with an account to give you an invite, feel free to use mine to join ;) )

ETA: No real surprise, the 70% deals appear to have gone. Quite a bit at around 50% though