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Audax index, audax FAQs; check here before you ask.

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This sticky thread is somewhere to record the locations of posts & threads that answer some of the common questions about audax or are generally the sort of thing that's useful to have to hand.

Background & rules
What is an audax ?
A little history (excellent piece by LWaB)
Max and Min speeds
What is RRtY? and RRTY and timings... and Round The Year Randonneurs Discussion Thread and Round The Year Randonneurs Log
SR Cymru
Fixed Wheel Challenge Log
Grimpeurs du Sud
Risk management
Reg. 5.8: Regarding Info Controls
Free routes and distances between controls
Brevet 25000 Question
Brevet 5000 rules query
Brevet 1000 award
Organisers riding their own calendar event - when's allowed?
What is a postcard finish & other Q's
entry of events via paypal and start list
Online entry for non members
AAA Points
AAA and the 50% rule
AAA calculation
AAA Round the Year
The audax season?
Average speeds
Distance between controls?
Auto generated routesheets
New organiser handbook
Organisers online
Online entries
Finishing an audax on a different bike
If audax isn't competitive, then why bother with validation at all?

24 hour team event ?

Arrows rules

How to
Sharing GPX files more easily
Upload GPX to AUK site
The Googlemaps for Audax thread

How long do you rest after an Audax?
How to build up to the big miles
Top tips for going longer
training tips for 600kms audax events
Training for longer rides
Audax Indigestion

The whys and wherefores of Packing a ride
Hand signals at night?
Claiming AUK points for Mersey Roads
AUK Calendar abbreviations
Assorted Tips for Randonneurs
When can you sleep on long rides?
Route sheets
New to Audax-Require suggestions please

Audax bike question
New to Audax, which bike would be best?
So, what's your audax kit/setup?

Perms, DIYs, etc
Permanents and DIY perms
Entry forms for perms & DIY perms
Starting between official controls on Permanents
Permanents  and starting points
Perms as an AUK non-member?
Group Perms
Roadworks and perm routesheets - a debate
Reusing a perm brevet card after a DNF
(Perm) Routes in reverse ?
Perms, BRM & SR
riding non-AUK events as part of a perm
proof of passage

DIY advice needed and How to plan a DIY ?
How Do I ... DIY'S
DIY events
DIY's en Ecosse
DIY cards
DIY Audaxes For Dummies
DIY routes
Diy by Gps
Using tracklogs to validate DIY perms
DIY add ons to Perms
When is a DIY considered DIY+calendar
DIY with AAA points trial
DIY/AAA/GPS route planning
DIY organisers, map of territories of
Is autoroute accurate?
ride dates for permanent and DIY
A DIY organiser's plea
Has the minimum speed for DIYs changed?
Northern DIY's
DIY Overseas
DIY by GPS Perms in France
DIY control by photo / email

The Mesh
AUK mesh /DIY planner
Cambrian Connections - how ?
Midland Mesh - Hints and Tips

should gps be allowed for perms?
the perm is dead? long live the gps perm
DIYs / Track logs / Shortest distances
Short notice DIY by GPS and 'virtual' brevet cards.
Shortest distance between controls and info controls.

The company on DIYs and perms thread

Extended Calendar Events
ECE FAQs - all you need to know

Awards Around the World
Audaxing in nearby countries
Audax and Cyclosportif Websites from round the world.
ACP's Super Randonnee
Traits d'Union Europeens
Audax UK equivalent organisations worldwide ?

External links
The Origin of All Knowledge - the Audax UK website
The AUK email list home page
Audax Twitter feed
Audax UK - now on twitter
Twitter hash tags for Audax - one for the geeks
Brevet des Grimpeurs du Sud
Audax UK Regulations
London-Edinburgh-London 2009
Paris-Brest-Paris 2007
Brestward Ho! by J.B. Wadley
les Randonneurs Mondiaux
Too much information: info on a range of events from the site
Audaxing A-Z on my Blog

LEL 2009 index
LEL 2013 index
LEL 2009 pictures & video

PBP Audax, not PBP Randonneur
PBP 2007 Rider Photos
pictures of PBP 2007
PBP 2011 threads index
PBP 2007 DVD
Let's go round again. (PBP 2007 Video)

audaxspotting (inevitably) :)
Did I catch that right...?
Audax Poetry (Cont)
Mrs Miles solves all your problems
Audax song titles
Arrivée est arrivé!
Audax UK - now on twitter
Mille Cymru - Welsh 1000 - 23-26/07/2010
Humiliating Audax Beginner
SR Series - how many are there ?
Brevet card designs
Brevet Card Stamps
What's to dislike about Audaxes.
Significant places in Audax.
Your oldest audax bikes
Control Volunteers - a list?
Audax vs Sportive for novices
£10 registration fee per event for organisers
Audax Google Calendar
I'm not the only one who enjoys a challenge... right?
data protection and event entries
Maps on audax calendar
After finishing a 400
SR Series - how many are there ?
Cycling Season
YACF as club in AUK membership
How does Audax make you feel?
Some like it bittersweet; quotes that make you go, "Eh?"
Audax Uxbridge Dictionary
Routesheets and The Law
Top Ten hardest Audaxes
The Most Ridiculous Complaints Received by Organisers
audax membership
Audax without a car
How fast?
Best hallucinations that weren't
How much over-distance is too much?
"Cycling events can seriously damage your health"; thoughts please
Bus shelter directory
I have to trust my timings

Random audax questions

Please feel free to add links to other threads or posts that you think are relevant

It might be worth noting in the external links section that the les Randonneurs Mondiaux website is up again and actually useful this time.

Ian H:

--- Quote from: LittleWheelsandBig on 21 January, 2010, 10:18:45 pm ---It might be worth noting in the external links section that the les Randonneurs Mondiaux website is up again and actually useful this time.

--- End quote ---

Yes. Worth mentioning. First time in...possibly ever.

It's a bit hard on the eyes :hand:

Ian H:

--- Quote from: Julesh on 21 January, 2010, 11:43:09 pm ---It's a bit hard on the eyes :hand:

--- End quote ---

Compared with what was there previously it is wonderful.


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