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Hereward the Wake 300km 21:00 15/07/2022

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I'm getting organised for Hereward a bit earlier than usual, as I'll be away on LEJOG 1400km (plus a bit of touring) from 2-10 July and won't be back until a few days before. If anyone would like to do a 'Helpers' Ride' to check the route a week in advance, that would be great, as it hasn't been ridden for a year. The event has, as many will know, something of a 'pub quiz' collection of info controls, which I hope are all still there! (Remember the disappearing pub!)

I'll send out the provisional info & route to riders next week and update during the week before the ride.

If any are moved to volunteer their services at the finish, that would be great - normally from about 10:00 to 17:00 on the following day (Saturday 16th July). As it's a smaller scale event, managing the car parking isn't really necessary, and the start is do-able as a solo effort by myself, just drinks available, grab a brevet, fill bidons if required and go.

Wilkyboy has now updated with the gps tracks. :thumbsup:

Good luck on the LEJOG, looks like it will be pretty epic.

I am down for Hereward with a clubmate. We are getting the train to Chelmsford which should arrive at 8.20pm, so it may be that we don't get to Dunmow until about 9.15pm.

Is there any provision for late arrivals, such as picking up the Brevet cards from pre-arranged location if nobody else is about?

Lightning Phil:
I’ve ridden all the roads (on your event route) between Marston Moretaine and Rickling Green in the last couple of months and they were fine. If you want me to check the info at Sandon drop me a PM. Went past location last Sunday but wasn’t looking for info clue answers!

I'm home, showered and feed after finishing my ECE and completing my first SR.

Just wanted to thank Tomsk for organising another great ride and to Jos and Mick his helpers.

Also a quick thanks to everyone who got me round last night. I was rough as but thanks to James, Chris, Jane, Jonathan and Nick I got round and didn't dnf.



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