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Up The Downs & Down the Ups 200km & 100km Saturday July 2nd


Clunk Click:
Seats are still available and the forecast is looking splendid for:

100km -
200km -

and also, as mentioned elsewhere:

300km -

… departing from Beech Hill south of Reading, Berkshire.

I can't wait to do the 200 - it looks a smashing route. Lots of open rolling countryside views - with some short sharp climbs to build the appetite for cake.

See you on Sat - I'm taking the train from London and will ride to the start. The new Elizabeth line trains are excellent - loads of room for bicycles. And the route to the start is traffic free almost all the way.

I was planning to take the backup bike - but I want wide tyres for descending, and lower gears for climbing: So I'll be there on my trusty Elan.

Clunk Click:
Look forward to seeing you on Saturday Trundle.
The 200km is the first Audax that I rode, back in 2003. I checked the route on Sunday and it remains to me an almost unbelievable route to have on the doorstep. Sounds like we may need to get more cake in!

That was a fabulous day out on the backup bike. A beautiful route across the North Wessex downs with the 'odd' hill...

Thanks for organising it Clunk click - it is a classic route, and the controls were easy to find, and quick to roll through if we wished: The Saddleback cafe was so nice I didn't want to leave! Great location, great views and fantastic food.

The landscape was constantly rolling - with the odd sharp climb for good measure. But the climbs were great - and usually gave great views all the way to the top.

The sky brooded all day with heavy rain bearing shower clouds. Many parts of the landscape were obscured by rain but we managed to miss virtually all of them: It was only in the evening that it went damp and the roads became wet.

The fields look incredible - harvest must be a couple of weeks away: They have this incredible roasted blonde and russet brown colours set against green stalks.

The Triban worked much better than expected and is a touch quicker and easier to climb (it's 4kg lighter..). The Elan still beats it for comfort and grip on rubbish surfaces. But it's nice to know the tweaks mean the Triban can do Audax without killing me. I'm glad I put on the comedy 11-40 cassette - it made Ramsbury climb almost pleasant!

Thanks for organising it Clunk click and team!


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