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1. Think of a bike (e.g. Carrera Vulcan, Pinarello Prince), an item of cycling gear (e.g. B&M Cyo, Brooks Swallow, handlebar streamers), a genre of cycling (e.g. MTB, audax), a ride (e.g. L2B, E2E, LEL) or something else.  The more specific, the better.

2. Start a 1-day poll, not a normal thread giving the options Seriously Uncool, Uncool, Cool or Sub-Zero.  It would be helpful to add a representative photo.

3. When the results are in, and when someone gets round to it, we'll post it into its rightful place* on the locked thread.  Simples.

If this is a really rubbish idea we'll scrap it after a month.

And, for the record, I despise Top Gear.  I am trying to fight fire with fire here.

*this may not be done in a statistically sound manner, but the librarian will sort of squint at the votes and try and put it in the right category.

Right! My turn to moan about the Cool Wall!!  :P

I've noticed in the Cool Wall Results that there are some odd placings of items. How do you work out which category something goes in? I assume it's which ever category gets the most votes. ie Something gets 10 votes for seriously uncool and the remaining three options all get less than 10 each so it goes in seriously uncool?

If that's right, then how come some things are not where they should be?

For example, my hair got 4 votes for cool and only 3 for seriously uncool! So why is it deemed seriously uncool?
Even if you combine the votes, it still got more for cool and sub-zero than it did for uncool and seriously uncool.

My hair is not the only thing in the wrong place.

My hair is cool dammit!  :P


Some polls are going on too long and getting votes after the item has gone on the wall.  Or something.

red marley:
The cool wall is going to look cooler with Bobb's hair stuck to it wherever it is. I'm just a bit worried it might clash with the anodised titanium jewellery.


--- Quote from: Biggsy on 04 October, 2010, 12:13:47 pm ---Some polls are going on too long and getting votes after the item has gone on the wall.  Or something.

--- End quote ---
That's OK, we ignore them after 24 hours(ish).


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