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Schwalbe tyres for Airnimal

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I'm looking without success for 24" x 1.5 Marathon tyre
They're labelled HS 308 (Marathon)
Spa usually have them, and we think Schwalbe don't have a UK outlet.
(Hm shopping in Germany post Brexit .....)

Paul H:
I doubt you'll find any. the 308 version has been discontinued for about a decade, current version is 420 and there's been at least one between.  Schwalbe don't list any 24 x 1.5 Marathon, though assuming they're 507 rims (Airnimal use two 24" sizes) there is a 1.75 along with that size in a few other models. I'm not aware of any Schwalbe 507 tyres narrower than 1.75, though I haven't looked through them all.  If they're the other rim size, I know nothing about them. To rub salt in, Spa were flogging off one of the older versions for £6 ea but they seem to have gone, sorry I may have had the last. 
My Joey has always had 1.75 tyres, for general use and a bit of touring, I don't think I'd want to go narrower.

Why not? Mine has 28mm 26" gatorskins, I was happy enough on those for 75km today

Paul H:

--- Quote from: ElyDave on 25 September, 2021, 10:54:48 pm ---Why not? Mine has 28mm 26" gatorskins, I was happy enough on those for 75km today

--- End quote ---
The answer was in the context of someone looking to replace 1.5" Marathons, leaving aside they asked six months ago and the difference in wheel size, are you suggesting 28mm Gatorskins are a good alternative? 
I'm happy to use Gatorskins on an Audax bike, for general use and a bit of touring I'd choose something else.  On 507 rims that choice is limited, the Airnimal rims in that size are quite wide, so a narrower tyre probably isn't ideal.  For my use, 1.75" works well, there's a fair bit of choice and it's not surprisingly the size Airnimal supply most 507 wheel Joeys with. YMMV, obviously.

Joey by Paul, on Flickr

Yes I'm suggesting 28mm gatorskins are a good alternative (on my 26" wheeled Joey), and may be what I audax on this coming weekend - Choice of this, recumbent or roadbike both on 28mm GP 4 Seasons.  I would have gone slightly wider on the gatorskins, but in 26" you are limited to 28mm

I do have a set of 26" marathons in the shed that used to be MTB, but since I've got the Joey, that's gone back to knobblies.

You may not realise this, but it was a genuine "why not?" I don't know you personally and have no axe to grind.


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