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Shimano Works 100 book


Shimano has cracked 100 years of existence and is issuing a coffee table book (why limited to 2000 copies?) to commemorate that. I missed out in the first draw to purchase a book a month ago but obviously some folk changed their mind. I wonder what the final cost will be when it gets to my door?

Apparently the book is on its way but the provided tracking number (and associated courier tracking link) comes up as item not found. Shimano has provided the worst online purchase, payment and shipping experience I have ever had (n.b. that hasn’t been a complete disaster/ scam/ etc.).

It has arrived and is a real coffee table book. Big with lots of well-shot photos, plenty of white space and no words. I hope the friend I bought it for actually likes it.

Nick H.:
If not, sell it to me. ;D


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