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Enviolo Automatiq auto transmission for e-bikes/e-cargobikes

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Yesterday I test rode a Douze cargo bike with the Enviolo transmission - manual rather than automatic gear selection. It’s not something that I’m looking for, having discounted it from an efficiency perspective and distrust of new technologies without a proven reliability track record, but it was just on the bike I test rode.

I spent the first 15 minutes with no battery, getting used to the bike without electric motor assistance. Once I got the hang of which way to twist the speed dial, riding with it quickly became second nature. When stopping at a junction, I would just select a somewhat lower setting, much the same as on a geared bike I’d select a lower gear without necessarily knowing which gear I’d selected.

I then spent another 15 minutes with the battery, using the electric motor in Eco mode, and then a quick go on Boost just to see what that was about. Changing the gear ratio was no different, gauging roughly where I wanted it as my speed and intent required.

It was very smooth in operation, and I could see it being good for day to day use. For me, the negatives would just be the lower efficiency, reliability question marks and the price.


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