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Reversing rear sprocket

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I've just changed the chain on my Brompton, and I didn't have a new sprocket to fit. A 50 m test ride proved the bike to be unrideable as the chain was jumping.

Although I've ordered a new sprocket*,  could I get away for now with reversing the sprocket so that the other side of the teeth are used. It's a 13 tooth sprocket on a 3 speed SA hub.

*13T sprockets for SA hubs seem to be unobtainable at the moment. I had to buy a kit with the spoke guard and clips, so it cost me more than the chain.

Traditionally, yes. ‘They’ may have tweaked something to stop you from reversing the cog but I don’t know about any such changes.

The sprocket is thicker where it fits on the hub than at the teeth, so reversing it has moved the teeth about 1 mm closer to the wheel. The chain may mark the spoke guard, but as a new spoke guard is coming with the sprocket, I might as well change that as well as the sprocket when the kit arrives.

For now, the journey to collect a car will be made easier by using the folder.

The 3sp 13t used to be 1/8” and symmetric. It sounds like they didn’t stamp the 3/32” 13t out of thinner plate and instead machined away the excessive width from one side only.

You've linked to the kit that I've ordered. The sprocket in the kit will be reversible as the spacer is separate.


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