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First decent ride for 6 months

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I just wanted to write a celebatory post on the fact that I rode my first ride longer than 2 hours for nearly 6 months!! I did 90km today and it was FANTASTIC.

6 months ago I crashed in a cyclosportive and broke my hand - 6 weeks off the bike.
Then I had a stomach infection, that kept coming and going - 3 months mostly off the bike.
Then as soon as that cleared up I had a snowboard crash and a swollen knee - 2 weeks off the bike.

I did a few 1 and 2 hour rides these last 3 weeks and today I went out and had a great ride!

Time to catch up on the training......

You wouln't want to be left behind, would you?!

Well done and nice to see you here.  ;)

Sorry to hear about your accidents and illness but pleased to hear you are getting back in action. I had five and half months off since breaking my pelvis and so far have completed four rides, 110 miles.

Thanks! And to top it off I went out this morning, registered for a randonnée and did another 76km!

Bike riding's fantastic!

It's the first bike ride I've completed without getting the first signs of frostbite for ages...   ;D


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