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Brompton outer cable lengths

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Add to this if you know any others: this information is stupidly hard to find, and it saves buying expensive pre-cut Brompton cable sets.

The exact measurements are on the instructions that come with each cable, or you could measure one that is definitely known to be correct.

M-type, SWB rear brake cable: 1303mm
M-type, SWB rear hub gear cable: 1288mm

The LWB M-type rear cables are approximately 8mm longer (although the wheelbase is more like an inch longer).

Don't suppose you know the correct length for a front brake cable for an M-type? That's the one I need to know.


Same for SWB and LWB.  Comes in two separate lengths with the cable gatherer sandwiched in between.  But I don't know the actual lengths - I could try and measure, since it's slightly less critical than the rear cables (these don't sit neatly alongside each other, or they foul the chain, if they're not exactly right).

Only asking out of curiosity, really. Like you say, precise length for front is less critical than for the rear, though I know my front cable is too long - needs at least a couple of inches cutting off.


So from this, I take it that I can use the reel of M-Part cable outer I've just sprung for, along with similar cheap generic cables?  That would be a bonus; although the cables are a bit rough, I wasn't going to do them before the BWC.  Now I might...


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