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Cycle to work scheme 'open'

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My employer is reopening the cycle to work scheme from tomorrow.

Now I don't need another bike but its almost too good an opportunity to miss.  The only dilemma is what sort of bike and I've been agonising over this for a week or two.  Options:

1. Brompton (or other folder).  Would be useful for bike/train journeys and I imagine I'd use it a fair bit.

2. MTB.  My only experience of riding a mountain bike was 3 days on a Specialised Rockhopper I bought off Aidan.  Really enjoyed it and then after such a short time it got nicked  :(  Quite fancy another one and, again, I'd use it a lot (although not really for commuting on).

3. A spangly new road bike.  Very tempting but I have 4 bikes for road riding.  I am taken by the Planet-X ones though  :P

Help me make my mind up and/or make other suggestions.


you NEED a fixed

If I ever get my employers to open a BTW scheme, it's a full-house titanium Brompton with two-speed transmission for me.  Marvellous little things.

I've got rather a lot of fixies  :D

If I could I'd get a Milwaukee but I doubt one could get an import on BTW, my employers would NEVER do it anyway.

Ah. Already have one (a fixed that is).  I included that in the road bikes - also includes the tourer, audax style steed and an old 90's 'racing bike'. 

Whats a 'milwaukee by the way?


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