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Upgrade your old bike by wrapping it in carbon fibre - only £50!

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Wonder new carbon wrap to improve bikes!

--- Quote ---However, when Colorado retailer Chris Jacobsen first informed us of his intriguing Jacobsen Carbon Wrap-It system, we were rightfully skeptical. Jacobsen proposed that consumers could wrap their own frames and parts and achieve nearly the same results as far more expensive factory jobs. As such, his rather inexpensive do-it-yourself kit could transform relatively mundane aluminum frames, forks, stems, bars, or nearly any other bit into a stronger and stiffer equivalent, all at a surprisingly reasonable cost as well.
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ISTR  Professor Lola Proif promoted a similar product a year ago.

Is there something I'm missing here?

--- Quote ---Even more unexpected, however, was the decreased weight of our guinea pig. Actual weight of our frame actually dropped about 100g; Jacobsen says other frames should yield similar results while most components should drop about 20g or so depending on what they are.
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How can adding a layer to your frame possibly reduce it's mass?


Ah, I just happened to look at the top of the article... DAMN!


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