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Hello everyone. Which is the fast tyre for brompton?

Is Schwalbe the only one manufacturer for Brompton?


The fastest tyre is a Primo Comet, difficult to find in this country. Brompton's own tyre/s aren't bad (the discontinued Yellow is noticeably faster than the Green). Schwalbe's Kojak isn't faster than the Green and the Marathon is like running in gumboots. The Marathon Plus, don't even go there.

The Kojak feels slower to me than the discontinued Stelvio.  I'd go for Brompton's green label tyre, although the Marathon Plus, despite its weight, has undeniable benefits when changing a rear tube is such a faff. and it rolls pretty well.  I've ridden 80 miles on them a few times.

So, the brompton's own tyre are not so bad. Are the primo comet good on wet street?


Which is the difference between:

Schwalbe Kojak HS385


Brompton Kojak Folding Road Tyre


The "Brompton" Kojak are lighter and with the reflective strip, but also the "conventional" Kojak are reflective (reflective label).

@LittleWheelsandBig  is the Primo Comet size for Brompton 16x1 3 8?


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