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  • Plains, Trains & no more Automobiles 200 & Sherston : 14 May, 2021

Author Topic: Plains, Trains & no more Automobiles 200 & Sherston Shuffle 75 - 12/6 - Bristol  (Read 635 times)

Fingers crossed the weather is a bit better than Summit 'bout Titterstone Clee 300 (see Adam's video) & End of the Lines 130!

Plains, Trains & no more Automobiles 200 - 07:00 | Warmley Waiting Room, Bristol - Salisbury Plain, steam trains, & neolithic Avebury, Woodhenge & Stonehenge. A few #wills_hills at the end for good measure! NEW route for a quieter finish.

Sherston Shuffle 75 - 09:00 | Warmley Waiting Room, Bristol - Shuffle your way to Sherston and the Court Yard Cafe on the Cotswolds. One big #wills_hills to climb, one big descent.

Whilst restrictions may be easing both nationally and those presented by AUK I will play it cautiously regarding group sizes; these may remain at 6 and be tiered and will aid the controls being used.

The rest of 2021's events so far.

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Moonrakers & Sunseekers 300 - ***Everyone that signed up previously will be given the option to confirm their entry before official entries open, or likely goes straight to a waiting list.
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A few entries remain on the Plains, Trains & no more Automobiles 200 and will likely fill before the Wednesday cut off so get in whilst you can.

Here is Red admiring Stonehenge when he route checked with me the other weekend.