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Composting ground elder leaves
« on: 13 June, 2021, 09:41:31 am »
I have like too many people a lot of ground elder, I don't use chemicals on it so have to chop or rip lots up which goes intonthe council green wheelie bin as the process they use for composting it robust enough to deal with

However I have pretty crap compost heap as no where near enough greens, I keep chickens so lots of browns. I've always been strict about no ground elder in it as its a cross a little stream we have which stops the ground elder.

However as it grows from roots sections I'm wondering if I could put leaves and stems on it as in theory they shouldn't grow


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Re: Composting ground elder leaves
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We used to compost the leaves and stems and burn the roots when we had an infestation.

You can also eat the leaves:-

The tender, new leaves can be eaten as a spring leaf vegetable, much like spinach. It is best picked before it flowers in May to June, as mature leaves have a pungent taste and a laxative effect. Used as treatment for gout and arthritis in the Middle Ages.

Re: Composting ground elder leaves
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Thanks. I do eat some but have found only the young bright ones are worth eating. I've considered a goatbto feed the rest to