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Where are all the insects?

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I've seen two wasps and three bees so far this year. I found one of those wasps inside my pitcher plant (I'm allergic, so Pitch is doing a good job). The St Michael's flies are out in force at the moment, and I've seen a couple of cabbage whites, but no hover flies. Where have all the insects gone?

Every so often I think back to being a child, when we'd get back from a trip that involved driving at night, and you'd have to scrape the insects off the windshield and the headlights. I can't remember the last time I got a bug splat, and I can no longer rely on involuntary fly-swallowing while riding to up my protein intake.

Everyone talks about climate change, but our biodiversity is crashing, and unless it's the Amazon or fisheries, nobody seems to be talking about it.



There's one going around with a Brexit wave just after the covid wave. 

I've just been removing ivy and failed pointing from a sandstone gable end, so I think I know where most of them are!  Seriously, though, it's a big worry.

Mrs Pingu:
On Springwatch they were showing a citizen science project for reporting bug splats using your number plate and an app.

I think they're all in my lampshade.


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