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Tim Hall:
On the FNRTTC to Whitstable we went past Higham Marshes, between Gravesend and Rochester. In the pitch-ish black we heard a frog chorus, which I recorded. (It's shot in portrait, which is causing me great anguish)


Any clues as to the species?  Adrian, formerly OTP, reckoned American Bull Frogs, which are a know invasive species, but having listened to them on YouTube, I'm not so sure. They don't sound much like Common Frogs either, at least not the ones I could find.

Whilst trying to take pictures of reed buntings and sedge warblers at Medmerry in Sussex, was distracted by choruses of frogs from the ponds that the RSPB have created to encourage birds.  There were at least two varieties, but my BirdNet app didn't help to identify them.  Maybe there is another app out there that will identify frogs by their calls?

Great recording. Almost certainly Marsh Frogs, so not a problem from an invasive point of view. They are known to be established in that area of Kent.



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Tim Hall:

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(For those of a certain age)

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When I was a PSO, I had a holiday job working Mick the plumber. We'd occasionally go to his house for lunch and get to watch Bod with his small child. I guessed Alberto's choice of milkshake right three times in a row. Phear mi l33t milkshake skillz.


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