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Hawthorn hedging tips, please


Earlier this year I planted some hawthorn switches which are doing OK. A couple of them were taller than the others, so looking at hedging techniques, I bent those over, breaking the stem, but not all the way through, and they're still growing. In fact, by the break, side shoots are appearing. So, is it worth doing the same to all of the stems, or are there other ways to encourage side growth rather than height?

In general with plants, taking the leader off, the growing tip, will cause side shoots.
Don't worry that the hedge will be too low as the side shoots will be quite vigorous once they get going.
I might be tempted to wait until winter though. According to that nice Mr Don on the telly, winter pruning promotes growth, while summer pruning restricts it.

Ian H:
You have discovered the principle of hedge-laying. 

The two switches I'd bent over are still thriving and the stem below the break is sending out shoots, so I'm going to do likewise to all the others once they've lost their leaves later in the year.

The important thing with hawthorn is to sprinkle the cuttings where people will be riding bikes...


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