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Not by me, but the Southend RSPB website claims that a swallow was seen in Gunners Park, Shoeburyness, yesterday. It wants its head examined.

Tadpoles! No doubt about it. Very small, still clinging to the spawn. It's the first time in about 4 years that the Priory Park frogspawn has made it this far.


Thanks for starting this thread, Wow--I was hoping you would.

Nothing to report from here yet today except a tufted titmouse at the feeder; haven't been out of the house yet.

Heard a chiffchaff in Priory Park. Also saw the parakeet again from a distance. Other than that, the usual stuff.

Mrs Pingu:
2 of the Moray Firth dolphins throwing their fish around.
Some tourist eagles buzzards, as usual.
A small ex-badger  :'(
A wooderypeckery
A teeny tiny lamb! I've never seen one that small before.  :-* It was all covered in fluff (perhaps it was lamugo?).


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