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What have you done on the plot today?

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Today I've been a mostly poisoning  :demon:

Being organic would be nice but, heck, it's damned hard work when your plot is choked with weed.  So I'm contenting myself with poisoning once only just to initially clear the weed on each section and then trying to be organic from then on.

Apart from that I've been a mostly earthing up my spud empire, by heck those buggers don't half grow fast, and cursing the slugs that keep eating my peas.

BTW, how tall do you reckon peas'n'beanz should be before you remove the anti-bird netting?

I pulled a few weeds up.

I've still got some space, but with runner beans to put out, and brassicas to plant out when they actually germinate, our small garden won't take much more.

The parsnips and early carrots have germinated, the broad beans look pretty good, one lot of runners is ready to be planted and given sticks, we ought to pull some rhubarb.

I'll go out and water the beans, I think.

Today I 'ave mostly been disinfecting my shiney nearly new recycled 12 foot greenhouse.

Yesterday I was happily informed that my potato blight was actually frost damage and that I wouldn't need to nuke my spuds afterall  :thumbsup:

I dug a new bed and shovelled some more shit to celebrate.

Argh, have not been down at all this week!  Bah :(

[ponders nicking off from work early & stopping past to see how the peas are doing]


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