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Eccentrica Gallumbits:
On Friday evening last week I was leaving my second floor flat to go out when I nearly stood on/tripped over a black cat sitting on my doormat. (Actually, it's next door's doormat, but that flat was vacant for months on end so I nicked and although I told the eventual new tenants it was theirs, they haven't taken it back). Nobody in our stair has a cat so I enticed him downstairs and outside. I tried to have a look at his collar because it had an ID tag on it but as soon as I laid a hand on his collar he slipped his collar and scarpered under the nearest car, leaving me with just the collar. I rang the number on the collar and told them what had happened and as it turned out, they live a few doors down so they came to collect the collar and said Harry the cat would come home when he was ready. Apparently he's quite curious and likes to have a look around.

Last night as I left to go to the penguin lecture he was coming up the stairs between the first and second floor. As soon as he saw me he started meowing very loudly, but I enticed him down the stairs again. As soon as he realised I was going out though, he sat down on the ground floor neighbour's doormat and wouldn't budge.  ;D So I went to pick him up to put him out and as soon as I touched him, he legged it out of the door.

Bobb thinks I should just let him into my flat and keep him but I think that would be wrong. He does seem to like our stair though.  :D And he likes trying to kill me by getting under my feet on our way down the stairs.  ::-)

Wouldn't be any harm in encouraging him to have a sniff around from time to time and give the meeces something to worry about, thobut...

Mrs Pingu:
He can smell you've got a mouse problem and he's trying to tell you! ;D

Eccentrica Gallumbits:
This is a street of tenements so it's possible my mice are his mice.

Mrs Pingu:
OK, so he really fancies you and is trying to win you over by depositing the mice in your letterbox when you're not home ;)


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