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after  years of struggling with hand shears then a battery strimmer I bit the bullet and got a petrol strimmer. it's two stroke meaning you need to use special stuff rather than pure petrol.

for the life of me I can't tell if the stuff I bought needs to be used neat or not. I have a litre of semi-synthetic 2-stroke oil and it says "use to manufactures guidance". of which there are none.
I've contacted Ryobi and the company that sold the stuff but no answer yet. I've filled the little tank but not yet turned it on for fear of knackering it on the first attempt.

Woa! do not put the oil in neat!
You must mix petrol with the twostroke oil.
Most new machines are 50:1 petrol to oil but you will find the ratio in the handbook.

yup, what loadsabikes said.  :)

adding a bit of hopefully helpful detial...  conventional (4 stroke) engines have oil in them to lubricate them and stop them seizing up, 2 stokes rely on you adding the oil to the petrol to provide the lubrication the engine needs - hence them bring more smokey, as the oil is burnt along with the petrol.

as is, you'll need to drain it out of the tank, mix it with the petrol in the right ratio (as said prob 50:1 but could be 25:1) snd refil the tank.

thanks everyone - perhaps i shouldn't be trusted with things! 50:1 - could be tricky to measure that

Wobbly John:
My 2 stroke stuff runs either 50:1 or 40:1 - I use a 500ml fizzy drinks bottle to mix the fuel

* Fill the cap with the 2 stroke oil (they hold about 10ml)
* Fill the bottle (ish) with petrol
* Pour the oil from the lid, into the bottle with the petrol, screw the cap on & shake.
* Pour prepared fuel into tank
It's best not to use old fuel - if you do, shake it well.
It's best not to leave fuel in the tank for too long - drain out any unused and run the engine again until it cuts out due to lack of fuel.

If you've filled the fuel tank with oil, I'd empty it and let it drain overnight, then put in a cup full of petrol, shake, and give it a run for a minute to flush it.

Drain & refill with the correct mix.


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