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--- Quote from: rogerzilla on 05 July, 2013, 09:55:42 pm ---Buy Aspen 2, which is premixed and burns cleanly.

--- End quote ---

Absolutely, and you can leave it in the tank over winter with no ill effects.  Aspen fuel is the way ahead for garden and wooding  kit.

At five pounds a litre, I'll stick with regular unleaded thanks.

just bought a litre of 2 stroke oil with a little bath with graduations on from 1 litre to 5 litres giving a 50:1 mix, makes life really easy.
also my old howard Rotovator circa 1972 has to have 4 star, unfortunately not any left, so I have to add a lead mix to the petrol,
back in the day when BSA Bantams and other villiers 2 stokes were flying around the manufacturers very wisely included a measure built into the fuel cap so even the most stupid of people would get the mix right. 

for we Usanians they sell little 6-packs of suitable oil in just the right quantity to mix with a non-imperial gallon of gasoline for the 50:1 mix.

So after mixing that up, I just need to shake the fuel can to mix it, before pouring into the tank.

You`ll be OK with 25 :1 to 50:1 range (petrol :oil) mix, slightly more oil may decrease fractionally power output but too little oil will potentially damage engine as it`s acting as a lubricant.

You can purchase individual Stihl / Husquvarna 100ml 2 stroke bottles to mix into 5 litres or an `auto dispensing` 1 litre bottle which has a side 100m chamber you fill by squeezing main 1 litre bottle. It`s coloured too so that you can see that you`ve added oil to your 5 l can (classic error being to use neat petrol which seizes engine due to lack oil)

Re over winter and fuel---if you`re not going to use it then drain out fuel, both leaving petrol and oil mix in carb etc can give problems (had this with a leaf blower); seems depend a bit on engine though, both my hedgetrimmer and chainsaw are OK with leaving fuel in for months without use.

Happy strimming  :thumbsup:


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