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strimmer advice

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Wot Wobbly said.

Personally I prefer using a sickle.

My two stroke seems to run under a wide range of conditions. I just slop some oil into the petrol can and shake from time to time.

If I may add my own strimmer question here please - I was using the communal strimmer last weekend and it cut out mid strim on me after a fair bit of use. I couldn't get it going again. Are there any pointers you can give me to try and get it going again this weekend?

It wasn't lack of fuel that was the problem and I checked the air filter and waited till it cooled to try to start it several times. I had the hedge trimmer attachment on and had been using it on an angle for quite a while if that would make much difference to the happiness of the engine?

for people who have problems working out the mixes, you can get a rather convenient container that holds a litre of petrol and then has extra graduations showing 3 or 4 different ratios, so you just add the oil and keep an eye on the line/level easy peasy, also great for when your in a rush.

Buy Aspen 2, which is premixed and burns cleanly.


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