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The Knowledge / Re: Bike geometry explainer.
« Last post by ijsbrand on Today at 08:24:06 pm »
Not a book, but a weblog: I have always liked what frame builder Dave Moulton had to say about this topic -- though he mainly writes about racing bikes.
PBP 2019 / Re: Demystifying PBP
« Last post by Deano on Today at 08:19:08 pm »
The index of 2011 threads might be useful:

Apart from the start and Brest control, there weren't a huge number of changes for 2015. And I don't think there's an index for 2015.
PBP 2019 / Re: Demystifying PBP
« Last post by andyoxon on Today at 08:16:33 pm »
I've never done PBP, possibly probably never will, but have found marcusjb's blog good when reading into it all...
Ctrl-Alt-Del / Re: How to clean a keyboard?
« Last post by Jurek on Today at 08:13:56 pm »
I've been told that you can immerse them in water as the contact membrane is sealed.
This hasn't worked for the two bluetooth keyboards I've had to replace thanks to invasive and repetetive sauvignon blanc penetration.

BTW, I wouldn't ride that bike while it looks like that.
It doesn't have a saddle.
Or wheels.
The Sporting Life / Re: World cup 2018
« Last post by andyoxon on Today at 08:13:16 pm »
Croatia v Arg

Bit of a clanger by the goalkeeper...  :o ;D  Almost feel a tad sorry for the chap.
In 2015 when it came to upgrading the OS on my 2012 iMac to something beyond 10.6.8, I realised that all my PowerPC native software would no longer work.
Rather than upgrade all the software that had been acquired by sometimes *ahem* unconventional means, it was cheaper to buy a new iMac which is what I did, and I run the two iMacs side by side.

My bigger issue at the moment is that the 2015 iMac takes an age longer to fire-up than the 2012 one does, and it has become progressively slower as with each OS upgrade I install, the OS is better suited to a machine with an SSD - which my 2015 iMac doesn't have.
No, no, no, no.
I'm not about to shell out on a third iMac when I have two which are working.

As an observation, the first two Macs which I owned lasted ~6 years before something went terminally wrong with them, necessitating their replacement.
With the last two, they've started to be a bit less than the shiny I expect from Apple in around half that time.
Arts and Entertainment / Re: Pop Master
« Last post by Legs on Today at 08:06:51 pm »
Slightly ashamed to get the question about
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, considering I was born in the 80s...
Audax / Re: ACME Grand 1000km 28 June 2018
« Last post by Tomsk on Today at 08:04:52 pm »
Some piccies would be good Phil  :thumbsup:

I should have expert photographer #2 offspring out and about with a camera in Dunmow, if he's not started his holiday job by then. Otherwise Soupy or Mrs Tomsk...
The Knowledge / Campagnolo "Differential" brakes - Yay or Nay?
« Last post by Oxford_Guy on Today at 08:01:11 pm »
Have been looking at Campagnolo brakes for my Mercian road bike build, these come (depending on model) in both standard dual-pivot front and rear, or as a "differential" set of dual pivot front, single pivot rear.

I think the idea of the differential brakes is that a) you're less likely to lock-up the rear wheel and you get a bit more modulation range and b) the rear brake is a little lighter.

Obviously most of the braking force on a bike is with the front brake.


The thing is, I'd prefer the pre-Skeleton Campagnolo brakes, as think these look better and will be easier to keep clean (less nooks and crannies), but almost all the ones I've seen for sale seem to be the "differential" sort. Are there any issues with these, or are they a just as good a choice as DP front AND rear? Thanks
Ctrl-Alt-Del / How to clean a keyboard?
« Last post by slope on Today at 07:45:39 pm »
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