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The Pub / Re: Wearing a watch
« Last post by Wowbagger on Today at 12:09:30 am »
That looks distinctly more expensive than the Seiko.

How big is the case? I’m also a fan of small faces for my own watches, in part out of necessity: I have very slim wrists for a man. But big is brash and many watch fans are brash.

As you might suppose from my one-bicycle stance, I’m a one-watch kind of guy. I have a silver Stowa Antea Kleine Sekunde with a 35.5 mm diameter case, although the face looks bigger because of the simple design. Lug to lug size is 44.6 mm. Sadly it’s currently in need of repair after I dropped it.

The face diameter seems to be 33mm.

Yes, it was a lot more expensive than the Seiko. I doubt that I will ever buy another watch though.
Rides and Touring / Re: Heading to Wales this weekend
« Last post by djrikki on Today at 12:02:40 am »
I can tell you now it was certainly not that quick!

I've uploaded a YouTube video this evening for anyone who may find it of interest.

North Lincs to North Wales - A 530km bike ride
Audax / Re: AUDAX UK REUNION 2018
« Last post by Manotea on Yesterday at 11:29:21 pm »
This is whats known as a super long shot but.... is anybody likely to be driving in from the immediate vicinity of Largs?

(and if you don't know where Largs is, then the chances are that you aren't!)

Cycle it is 90km.
No time alas :)
Ctrl-Alt-Del / Re: Booking flight on http website
« Last post by grams on Yesterday at 11:21:20 pm »
No website that processes credit card details is allowed to be unencrypted (PCI-DSS rules), so if it is you should be reporting it.

It's possible it was an HTTPS page embedded in an HTTP frame. Not ideal, but should mean your details aren't sent over the wire unencrypted.

I wouldn't read too much into the home page not being available in HTTPS. That's not unusual.
The Pub / Re: Sh!te courier thread
« Last post by hellymedic on Yesterday at 11:17:36 pm »
I have to take some of that back because it’s not entirely DPDs fault. The address is correct for delivery and payment but the post code of the apple emporium in Norwich has appeared from somewhere to replace my post code in the delivery address field. This has obviously happened automatically because I don’t know the post code of the apple store. Part of the blame therefore has to go to Apple for having a system that a) auto populates a field  and b) allows a post code and an address that doesn’t match. DPD can’t be completely absolved of responsibility though, because the were the ones who obviously didn’t read the delivery address.
I’m also going to have to accept part of the blame I suppose for not thoroughly checking the addresses rather than just glancing at them

[OT for this thread]
Big Businesses seem to have strange databases.

I pay my electricity bill by Bank Transfer when I receive a paper bill. (I like to have a paper Proof of Address.)
My bank will not accept the sort code the electricity company gives me and automagically 'corrects' the details I attempt to enter.

The money seems to go to the right place and I've not been disconnected yet.
But it seems impossible to enter the 'right' details!
The Knowledge / Re: Avoiding air getting into the system on disc brakes
« Last post by Ben T on Yesterday at 11:06:35 pm »
Hmm. Must be a balancing act when designing/making brakes, too much drag on one hand, too much travel the other. Shimano have definitely erred on the side of not having drag, at the mercy of there sometimes being too much travel.
Hope mtb brakes can be the other way, new pads sometimes drag - but a trick is, if you put some very thin plastic or even card either side of the disc to make it as if the disc was slightly thicker and give it few pumps with it like that, then when you take it away and have the disc on its own it will be perfect.
The Pub / Re: Tune Association
« Last post by cygnet on Yesterday at 11:02:31 pm »
Enola/alone - MSP
Ctrl-Alt-Del / Booking flight on http website
« Last post by hubner on Yesterday at 10:52:49 pm »
I was helping someone  to buy a fight ticket from an airline but didn't notice the airline's website did not have a secure encrypted connection, ie http instead of https.

I'm using the "HTTPS Everywhere" add-on on my browser and if I set it to block insecure websites and then try to open the airline's website using https, I get "502 Bad Gateway".

Information sent include name, date of birth, passport no, credit card details inc 3 digits on back, email, phone no.

How bad is this? What are the chances of all the info ending up where it shouldn't?
Further and Faster / Re: Realistic power goals?
« Last post by zigzag on Yesterday at 10:49:22 pm »
i think with the right training, enough motivation and discipline it's possible to reach fitness way beyond what we tell ourselves is possible. whether we really really want that - that's a different question. i know what's realistic for me, but i also know the amount of effort and pain it would require to get there (therefore still procrastinate..). my father in contrast is very consistent with his training and slowly but surely inching his way towards 4w/kg (maybe serving in the army helped to cultivate discipline?). the point i want to make is that many people set their "realistic" goals too low, being afraid to change too much and to go too far out of their comfort zone into uncertainty, into unknown.
The Pub / Re: Super-Twat
« Last post by Beardy on Yesterday at 10:37:13 pm »
I'm led to understand that Piers Morgan, who is a Colossal Bellend, has done little to dissuade us, his public, from that belief. Some tosh about Daniel Craig carrying his baby in a baby sling.
I loved carrying my off-spring in a baby sling, and if it upsets that super-twat, then I’ll take the bonus points as well. In fact, I’d go as far to say that any father that turns down an offer to carry one of their children because it’ll ‘make them look less of a man’ is nothing but a feeble facsimile of human being. And a mega twat.
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