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The Pub / Re: I am unreasonably pleased to have received this!
« Last post by pdm on Today at 10:13:26 pm »
Looks like they have not skimped toooo much on the rewards too.  Glad that you appreciate honours and hope they serve you well.
My employer tried to give me a long service award (£200 which works out to about 0.2p per hour worked  ::-)) a couple of years ago too - I asked them to give it charity.  Boy! did that open a can of worms!  ;D
The Pub / Re: The RANT thread (often contains fruity language)
« Last post by chrisbainbridge on Today at 10:09:09 pm »
USA is amazing in its attitude to drugs. There are now more people killed per day by prescription opiates than heroin. This was all started by a company aggressively selling a highly addictive opiate called oxycodone. The number one killer of young people in The states is prescription opiates.

I do wonder how much the drug cartels spend lobbying for the war on drugs. Legalising drugs would immediately kill the illegal trade as is being seen with the legalisation of marijuana in many states.

Personally I would vote for the total decriminalisation of personal possession of all drugs, state prescription,  better counselling and much stronger sentences for dealing. The results from up near Liverpool I the 90’s and currently in Portugal are really outstanding.
The Knowledge / Re: Mavic Open Pro - Max Tyre pressures?
« Last post by Oxford_Guy on Today at 10:01:50 pm »
No that is only something relatively recent from the 90's.  Before that 27" wheels had 31mm tyres aka 1 1/4 inch tyres.

1990s is traditional enough for me!
OT Knowledge / Re: living, or green, roof
« Last post by Brucey on Today at 09:55:56 pm »
building needs to be stronger than normal by ~50kg/sqm to ~250kg/sqm, depending on the approach used. On top of that you have to allow for the possible extra weight of snow, lots of rainwater sitting up there, folk wandering around etc as normal. So a system that is usually about 45kg/sqm (about as light as such roofs get) needs to be supported by a structure that is strong enough to take about three times that.

Ctrl-Alt-Del / Re: The computing stuff rant thread
« Last post by Feanor on Today at 09:53:54 pm »
Yes, I know.

But MS themselves seem to recognise the problem, and provide a fix-it tool to resolve the issue.
The same KB article tells you how to do it manually ( delete 10 million registry entries, and hidden files ).
So why can't the un-installer do the same thing?
It could if they chose it to do.

I think there's an assumption that you might want to subsequently want to re-install Office 365, and they retain a bunch of stuff to help with that.

OT Knowledge / Re: Recommend a Business Bank Account.
« Last post by Frank9755 on Today at 09:50:47 pm »
I've been with Metro Bank for the last five years and am very happy.  Branch experience and call centres are both excellent, on the odd occasion I have to use them.

It's free as long as you keep £5,000 minimum in the account.

I switched from HSBC as they kept scrweing up. Last straw was when they lost a US$ cheque for several thousand dollars and I had to plead with client to send another one.
The Dark Side / Re: Onto third front wheel bearing set for Ice Sprint
« Last post by DTEK HPVS on Today at 09:50:19 pm »
Is your trike .....dirty and well used or spotless and cleaned and polished after every ride ?
I will explain why I asked that leading question after you have had a peep at the next questions .
All designed to illustrate or discover any issues .

What axles are you using ?
Quick release
19mm bolt _ allen key
mini allen keys

Do you pressure wash the wheels ?
or Use any Strong cleaners/degreasers

Drum brakes or Discs

Are you using ICE supplied bearings or self supply ( in which case what brand and seal type )

Pleased to help and Nigel "Tiger" appears to be on the right road with his comments .

Regards Kevin D.TEK  ;D
OT Knowledge / Re: boarding a loft
« Last post by Frank9755 on Today at 09:45:59 pm »
When I moved to current house in 2001 we had builders in. I got them to put boards in the loft. They used tounge and groove chipboard, I don't know how thick but surprised if it's more than 2cm.
It's been fine for the last 17 years. Has held my weight when I've ventured up there, plus the various boxes stored on it. Nothing too heavy, normal loft junk.
OT Knowledge / living, or green, roof
« Last post by Frank9755 on Today at 09:40:04 pm »
Anyone know about these, where you have a flat roof and have sedum, moss or grass growing on it? Helps to prevent storm run off and improve insulation of building + good for bees, insects, etc.

We're thinking of having an extension done and it would be good to include this if not too hard.
Ctrl-Alt-Del / Re: The computing stuff rant thread
« Last post by Chris S on Today at 09:22:57 pm »
Pet moan: why the hell do the un-installers not actually work properly?

If you've ever written code for Windows Installer, you'll know why - like many other Windows APIs, it's a bugger's muddle.

Office, like Visual Studio, uses a fully custom "Installation Experience" (over the top of the Windows Installer API) and IME, that's where it gets dirty - as soon as you stray off the prescribed path.

Sometimes installers do things that can't be undone, so the uninstaller doesn't do a perfectly symmetrical job.
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