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Since c. Feb 2020 I've been using a turbo a lot with Zwift and post lockdown done a lot of swimming.  I believe I am pretty fit and have to really push myself to need to pant during either swimming or cycling.  I have lost 13kg in that time.  I nearly always feel much better after exercise.

My resting heart rate is between 42 and 47 and I can comfortably reach over 160 when riding indoors or out (I have maxed at 182 without realizing it).  Sometimes I have to be careful when standing up very quickly after being seated for a long time because I can feel dizzy.  I have been under-hydrating at times and now make myself drink more water through the day, which does me good.   

I managed to damage some ribs last year (DIY mishap) and went to A&E where they took my BP after I'd been sitting around waiting for ages.  It was low they said but nothing to worry about.  I believe it has been low for most if not all of my life but it is only recently I have been measuring what I do during exercise. 
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