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Garmin Connect
« on: 27 September, 2021, 05:30:55 pm »
I have regularly griped about the health and performance metrics pumped out by Garmin and their inconsistencies.  As if to teach me a lesson about 12 weeks ago the stats sudden stopped and for ten weeks I was getting nothing.  To be honest this is no big deal for me and I have been happily just getting on with my own plans.

However, two weeks ago they suddenly reappeared.  There seems to have been some considerable updates made and the inconsistencies in things like state of training for instance seem to have been significantly improved.

I am long past taking them with anything but a pinch of salt but I am curious to know if other Garmin users or even specifically forerunner and fenix users have experienced similar happenings.

I am also disappointed with the reviews of the Samsung galaxy watch 4 with full lte so I shall save my money for now and await a reliable option  in the future.


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Re: Garmin Connect
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I have a look at their hydration recommendations, which seem close to water torture, or perhaps they are designed for people cycling around Phoenix Arizona instead of the UK.  Now that I'm regularly training on an indoor rower - the ergo does not lie - I get a fairly good indication of my general condition from that.

Other things that affect my performance are stress (often work related) and sleep (often stress related), but I feel like these are too variable to draw conclusions from performance data.
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Re: Garmin Connect
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My turbo trainer includes a very accurate power meter, that and the erg are good to use of regular tests. Mots of the Garmin made up numbers bear little relation to real world in my opinion as they use such vague algorithms.
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