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« on: 04 October, 2021, 05:14:30 pm »
Have these been killed off? Boots no longer stock.
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Re: Tyrozets
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Yes. They disappeared about a year ago.
I liked them as public transport always makes me cough a lot. In previous years I was a frequent train traveller and the air con would always set me off.  Troyzerts were my saviour.
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Re: Tyrozets
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Crikey. I had those in the 50s.  Low-dose occasional-use antibiotics that most bacteria must laugh a leg off at these days.  And a wee dose of local anaesthetic. Veddy nice.

Back when I had them my mum always had a tube of penicillin lozenges in the house as well.  Nice and lemony they were.
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Re: Tyrozets
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Withdrawn due to recognition that use of tyrothricin in this form was not clinically appropriate.
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