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Re: Import duty on bike parts
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From what I can tell, UK customs is barely checking imports.

EU nations, however, are being rather thorough on checking imports from the UK - though this varies from country to country.

Not just UK, although I did get charged 16€ for the calendars of my grandson that my daughter sent over as christmas presents. I forget their quoted value but from memory the duty plus La Poste handling fee was about 40%.
But we are also getting charged now for stuff from Thailand that got through before. I am waiting for a SA brake hub from (I think) Taiwan, it's coming through China. We'll see how much that costs me.

Re: Import duty on bike parts
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In both cases actual delivery didn't involve any UK address.
They can be supplied from a UK address without the goods having physically been there. The regulations are clear, consignments over £135 have the VAT and any duty paid after they've been imported:

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Bikeinn, Bikester and possibly a few other EU places have a UK VAT number so no import duty to worry about on larger orders.

No VAT.  The Import Duty depends on whether the parts ordered meet the country of origin rules laid out in the withdrawal agreement.

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My Brommieplus rear hinge reamer turned up from Taiwan yesterday and there was no duty or VAT.  The volume of EU parcels seems to have swamped the system so they are just letting stuff through.  Could be a good time to order a load of cheap bits from the USA.
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