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Even for personal benchmarking purposes, I would find points of limited value - eg I would not consider 12x100 a comparable achievement to 2x600.

Indeed, the first is clearly harder.

It's not about whether one is harder than the other, it's whether they are comparable achievements. I'd say they're too different for them to be comparable in any meaningful way. That's an extreme and purely hypothetical example anyway, but it's chosen to highlight why I would consider my points tally to be of limited value as a benchmark to compare my personal achievements from one year to the next.

why ride the 40kms to that 200/300km event when I could just hop in the car and arrive fresh

Didn't there used to be something in the handbook about being "imbued with the spirit of long-distance cycling"?

When I ran the Kernow & SW 600 I ran a control at Bude, so I could make everyone groan by saying I was in Bude with the spirit of Audax.

Plenty of Spirit was required to complete Kernow & SW
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