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Does anyone have any experience of the Infinity Saddle which was mentioned very briefly in Arrivee a couple of issues ago?

Apparently they dont suit everyone, but why?

I am not sure I buy into the "less is more" concept of these saddles.

Your dimensions need to, pardon the pun, sit in quite a narrow window, otherwise your sitbones will be pressing against the outer rails.

I have one, haven't ridden more than 130k (in one go) on it yet. I'm on the wide side (I came from a Brooks Cambium C17) and just about fit it. It feels very weird to start with, but becomes akin to a well worn-in leather saddle quite quickly. (I'm not sure if that means 'as good', yet though). The most noticeable thing for me, is with days of consecutive riding, that I don't get that ouchy tenderness on my sit bones when you first plonk back onto the saddle. I am of the boney-arsed flavor.

The jury is still out for me, but it's decent enough that i intend on running it all year.

I'm always trying to find a better saddle. Quite expensive at £300+

I've got one. Tried it on a 200k brevet and a couple of shorter rides. Feels a bit weird - not painfully uncomfortable but I found the pressure on the glutes and hamstrings quite unpleasant and fatiguing after a while. I've gone back to my very well worn B17, rode a 200k permanent on it last week and felt more comfortable.

It may work better for lighter riders - I'm 93kg

I'll probably put it up for sale at some point but I'm waiting to hear from a local rider first who expressed interest in trying it.


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