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Science that makes you cringe

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I thought we had a thread on this subject already but I can't find it so...

Listening to Mary Anne Hobbs on 6music this morning, she introduced her “All Queens” playlist by saying, “Now it’s time for music made by humans with the X chromosome - the best kind.”

Well, yeeeees... I suppose they are the best kind of humans.

Phil W:
Indeed all Humans have the X chromosome

Even those with Turner's Syndrome...

My 'favourite' show for really bad 'science' and 'engineering' was Scorpion
It even featured a large room where the air was being pumped out to extinguish a fire: it seemed to need a hard vacuum - can't imagine a room with ordinary walls, lot of glass etc. taking that; also doesn't need to be that hard - and featured a shot of a plastic bottle collapsing! Must have been a Microsoft vacuum - didn't suck.


--- Quote from: Giraffe on 23 April, 2019, 08:08:27 am ---My 'favourite' show for really bad 'science' and 'engineering' was Scorpion

--- End quote ---
I had to stop watching that, which given my low threshold for cheesy American TV is saying something.


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