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what I have learned today.

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If you need to oil your front derailleur, do it the night before you ride and not immediately beforehand.  Mine was sticky for the first 40k and fine thereafter: it took that long for the oil to penetrate.

That John Ashe, the brother of Arthur Ashe, volunteered for a second tour of Vietnam so that Arthur wouldn’t need to serve there and could continue his tennis career.

Watching some wallpaper (well, reading whilst my wife fell asleep to some wallpaper) I learnt that there is a very un-wolf like Spotted Wolf (more like a short haired hyena). Also that on the Galapagos there is a Vampire Finch that pecks at Boobies, principally to annoy them off the nest so eggs can be stolen, but that takes advantage by drinking the blood it draws.

By the end of the last little disagreement between the Germanic tribes and almost everybody else, a brown bear had been promoted to the rank of Corporal in the Polish army

I discovered you can put '&' in xlookup in Excel to combine two lookup criteria. This gave me inordinate pleasure. Still, spare a moment for those array formulae, now left to contemplate the void.


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