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Is this a party, or a work meeting.



--- Quote from: spesh on 13 January, 2022, 12:06:51 pm ---(With apologies to ZZ Top and a nod to Frank Zappa)

I found an empty house in my neighborhood,
I knew that we shouldn't but I thought we could.
Knew it wouldn't be hard to slide into the backyard,
Called all my friends and slipped a hundred to the guard.
We turned on the radio and had a party on the patio.

Nadine's in the sauna and she's getting kind of hot,
Mark F.'s in the icebox wishin' he was not.
Priti's in the whirlpool, Rishi's tryin' to be cool,
Mikey G. is throwin' shapes 'cause he's a dancin' fool.
We turned the lights down low and had a party on the patio.

Heard the media's coming so we tried to jump the fence,
Mark F. didn't make it and we haven't seen him since.
Carrie had another drink, Boris simply couldn't think,
Mikey G. was passed out underneath the sink.
But everybody's gonna show for another party on the patio.

--- End quote ---


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