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What is the current favourite GPS?

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Strava on my phone keeps crashing so I want a new GPS for the bikes. My previous one was a Garmin Edge Touring which did what I needed at the time but has got more temperamental as Time has Passed.

I want:

* a nice clear map
* easy to upload routes for the technologically challenged
* easy to upload rides to strava etc, without plugging in to a computer
I'm not interested in:

* Heart rate monitor
* Training or competitive stuff
* What anyone else is doing

I've got an Edge Explore. Haven't had it very long. Not really made friends with it. I think it can do techy things that are beyond my comprehension. There's a thread about it somewhere.



I haven't really used it often enough to learn how to do it. My new Behemoth bike has its own Bosch satnav/computer/cockpit/controller which is trivially easy to use. If you'd like a play with the Edge Explore to see how you get on with it, you can borrow it for a while if you like.

I use Wahoo Elemnt Bolt - but maps are only black and white. Maybe an element Roam would suit?

You can ignore the heart rate etc.

Speaks to Strava via wifi through a smartphone app.

Routes transferred via phone app from RWGPS. All routes show on the GPS unit as long as they haven't been archived.

For map detail I use an Etrex - but need to plug into pc for data transfer.


--- Quote from: Butterfly on 07 May, 2022, 10:25:42 pm ---easy to upload rides to strava etc, without plugging in to a computer

--- End quote ---

This neatly rules out the eTrex series, unless you invoke the Android + OTG cable technicality.

I'd suggest that the current eTrex also fails to meet the standard of 'nice clear map', as demonstrated in this thread.  The Edge 830 looks much better in that respect.


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