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I've put together a short 'theory test' for riders in my cycling group, who are usually used to riding around London but don't always have prior experience on longer countryside rides. The questions aim to cover the most common hazards and the answers are my take on pragmatic best practice, rather than absolute rules.

If anyone would like to provide feedback or adapt it for their own use I would appreciate it :) I will probably add some photos later to illustrate some of the hazards.

Click here to try it out:

I'm not sure about the Elon Musk solution to crossing busy roads...

Well I got some wrong...

Question 2, I also included the paint being chipped. Why? cos on a steel framed bike, a chip may mean rust, and rust could lead to failure. Checking general structural integrity is important.

Question about parking. I ticked all of them. Instagram being a proxy for tweeting "you park like an arsehole" and gestures, well have you seen how badly people park? how can you not make rude gestures at drivers?

When it's dark. I ticked the top 3. Apparently hearing owls is not important to you...

Narrow road I got only 1 of 2. I said signal to oncoming drivers. I didn't say pull over.

When it rains, I again ticked all 4. More ducks on the road, yes actually. More wildlife. This can be a hazard. On a longer ride getting your snacks wet can lead to a disaster if you bonk. Keep your food dry!

Falling off, again, I said all 4. It's easy to get distracted by big road... or turn too fast cos you realise you;re going past a pub...

Why shouldn't I scream on descents?

The ford question I got wrong. I said wait for a car. Personally I'd avoid the ford entirely. I don't wanna repack my bearings...

Apparently grade seperated infra is not the only solution to busy roads, who knew...



--- Quote from: Kim on 16 May, 2022, 08:20:47 pm ---I'm not sure about the Elon Musk solution to crossing busy roads...

--- End quote ---

I interpreted that as ride in a country with proper infra...


Lightning Phil:
Crossing a busy road

You have dig a tunnel as a correct answer. 

Seriously, you turn up at a busy road and your solution is to start digging! Meanwhile you mark use a pedestrian crossing if available as incorrect?  You get off your bike, walk (as now a pedestrian) across the pedestrian crossing, then get back on once off crossing on other side of the road.

How should you approach parked cars?

Firstly car doors on modern cars can exceed 1m when fully open.
Secondly if your position is 1m from a car with shorter doors then your handlebars may still hit a door that is opened
Thirdly if passing parked cars with space, but the road is wide enough you are still on the left of the road, then you still have priority.  Giving way is no different than saying that if a homicidal driver is on the wrong side of the road heading towards you, be prepared as the vulnerable party to take avoiding action.   


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