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I've been using a Park Tool GG-1 grease gun for ages but it's now stopped working - no idea why, I've taken it to bits, cleaned it all, prodded out the nozzle etc.

It's been great to use BUT if it's dead (which I fear) then I'm in the market for another one - the Park is great but the grease capacity is pretty small and requires frequent refilling which is a) a pain the way it works, and b) very messy.

Is anyone aware of a similar style gun (thin nozzle, pump action) with a larger capacity that handles similar* grease?  - there seem to be lots of near identical guns to the Park but so far I've found nothing bigger. 

Using tubes is a no-no as they are expensive and wasteful (I'm using grease at the same rate as a small bike shop would)

* I do use Park Tool grease

For classic cars with grease points the best gun is a Wanner 315. Best look on e bay as it’s now superseded.
You can remove the fixed nozzle and fit a flexible one - I’ve made a point tool for mine for small jobs but you may be able to fit the pointy nozzle from your Park one.
Yes you fill it manually by pressing cylinder down into grease tins with the central filler discs or scoop it in by hand - a bit messy ! It has vent screws to release trapped air.

I've got a Dualco with the long nozzle, works well enough for pumping grease into hubs and pedals through the small holes.

It's small so not ideal for pro use.

Another vote for the Wanner. Only full size grease gun I have seen with a chain pull back rather than a rod.

Hot Flatus:
Park GG-1 looks near identical to Dualco, Motorex versions. If you are using huge quantities then surely a cartridge is the way to go.

I use Motorex 2000 grease for applications requiring a bit of water resistance,  and which is the closest I can find to premium Shimano grease.


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