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Worth it?

Genosse Brymbo:
Yes.  The route planning tools are good - I've created routes for the UK, Holland, and Germany without any problem.  Also my Wahoo Element syncs with it to record rides.  I also use the Collections feature heavily to group routes.

Route planning and syncing with a Wahoo are also in the free version.

The free version is good and enough for many.  Premium gives you access to more advanced route planning features.  I find them useful, especially having finer control over route cues which is a big thing for me as I use voice navigation to follow planned routes.  Premium also gives more options on combining, splitting and editing routes.  I have had premium for 4 months now and intend to renew when the time comes.

The thing I'm considering it for is the editing, I have routes for the KAW that I want to edit to add the hitels I'll be using


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