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Garmin Express update speed

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I'm updating an Edge 1000 connected to a WinPC with a pretty quick BT Business BB connection. . . .   it's been connected to Garmin Express for just over 6 hours but so far is only at about 80% - with a speed showing at 344.5 KB/sec

Is that normal??  It seems an awfully long time.   Googling does suggest the Garmin servers are slow but this is bordering on ridiculous!

As it happens I used Garmin Express to update the map on our twatnav this very arvo. It took well under two hours which was approximately as indicated beforehand.

Literally updating a Garmin 810 at the moment. 21MB/s.

...spoke too soon, it whizzed to 50% of an estimated 2 hour 16 minute task and then dropped to 2 MB/s.

Perhaps it depends on the update - it's not my own 1000 but one that hasn't been updated for about 3 years.  Some Google replies mention speeds like I'm getting and 20 hours??

I think the last update on my own 1000 about 3 months ago took 2 hours

Lightning Phil:
Presume it must be doing map updates of many Gb


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