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Is this fixable?

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Edge 810. Sterling service for 10 years. Rubber of on/off switch decides to disintegrate leaving a hole with the microswitch underneath just visible. For now, I can press it with the tip of a pen. But is this fixable? Is this something Garmin would do? Or is there a DIY fix? Or is it time for a new GPS?
Shame, as it works fine otherwise.

If you google "garmin 810 on off switch repair"    theres a quite a few  videos on how to repair, some a bit bodgy!  but I think  you can buy the switches off Ebay.  Not done it , but considered it.  ended up buying a 1030  instead

I think I still have my 810 with non working button somewhere!

The button, as in the micro switch underneath, still works. I’ll see if I can bodge something, maybe with sugru that will allow me to press it without having to use an implement. Still, good excuse to buy a new one, choices, choices …

As Aidan says, lots of YouTube videos - I fixed an etrex with a similar issue, top-of-pencil eraser and insulation tape, job done.

had exactly the same problem with my eTrex (which is now going for a song on eBay sans maps)

If I had to repair it I'd probably place a small plastic cube shaped bit of plastic next to the micro switch and fill the hole using a hot melt glue gun

Spare rubbery bits only seem to be available from various dodgy Chinese sites....


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