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Cycling injuries- the gorier the better.

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28mph downhill in the rain and hit a patch of diesel and decided to bail out up a gravel driveway rather than have the head on with a car coming up the hill.  ::-) :)



--- Quote from: spindrift on 28 May, 2009, 12:45:39 pm ---Post 2- i count fourteen stitches?

(and regret slightly starting the thread)


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Well you did ask ::-) ,broken collar bone following avoidance of a vauxhall zafira siidsy type ,we didnt collide but I couldnt keep the bike upright after a very acute swerve to avoid .Collar bone had to be plated hence to staples ,I would not recommend it.4 months off the bike 18 months physio to get 90 of mobility back.

Some mighty fine pickin' on this one:

Belonging to a fixie chick late of this parish:

(busted arm following a busted front axle...)

But if we're talking about horrendous injuries acquired through cycling, I think we ought to consider mental traumas as well as physical ones...



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You know you’re a cute little hip breaker



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