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The "have you been knocked off" poll

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Prompted by Jurek's off.  Doesn't matter who was at fault in the collision, so if you went into the back of a parked car, include it.

EDIT: to make this scientific, I'd need to adjust for location, type of roads travelled, typical time of day, hi-viz, lighting, years of cycling experience, I'm paranoid/I am like Colonel Kilgore in "Apocalypse Now" and I know I am going to get through this without a scratch yadda yadda, but it's years since I worked with multivariate linear regressions and I would need a sample size as big as the CTC.

Nearly 2000 miles ago, just before new years eve  :(

About 25 years ago, crossroads of Queens Road and Cheetham Hill Road in Mancs. I was riding straight on, car turning right T-boned me. According to the driver's defence, I rode my bike into her car.
Sideways.    ???  :facepalm:

I've only been in collision with a car twice (different ones).  The first was about 29 years ago, cycling into school, when I was distracted by a person of the female persuasion, so that I didn't notice the car parking up in front of me, and rode straight into it, writing off my nice Carlton.  :'(

The other time was last year, so less than 5,000 miles since, when someone pulled out in front of me and pringled the front wheel. 

It's a bit  :o so far.  Please complete the survey even if you're in the "never happened" category - the trouble with these polls is that they're a bit self-selecting.


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