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Access Legal Guy:
Recent article from a colleague, which I'm sure many of you here would appreciate. Hopefully you'll never need to rely on the cases.

We both work with two wheeled vehicle accident victims, and while he would rather squeeze into some leathers, and I some lyrca, the case law mentioned forms the basis or starting point for most filtering accidents and very relevant to cyclists.

I plan to link this to cyclists with some other, cycle specific case law and misleading signal cases in the next 24 hours.

Accidents involving filtering: What the law says - Access Legal from Shoosmiths

Thanks for that.  Interesting cases.

Access Legal Guy:

Hi all,

I've changed the title of the thread and now link in Misleading signal cases

Misleading signals at road junctions: What the law says - Access Legal from Shoosmiths

Hopefully I'm not seen as spamming. I often read here of cases and accidents being discussed, so maybe this thread can now act as some sort of catalogue of relevant cases.

I'll try and update as and when relevant cases come to light, in the meantime, please do share any others you know of.

I know you have a commercial interest, but I don't regard it as spamming.  It's useful to have a summary of the case law.

It is useful to have the variety of different scenarios and outcomes.

Just a small technical note, the body font of the pages comes out quite small on a Mac running Safari.


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