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Highclere Recce Ride with CyclingPlus bods


Phil has put on a great selection of photos he took on the day - follow this link

You will see some ACF kit in action too !! You will also notice that I am not always at the back.

Dodgy link ?

There are no events in the Cycling category at present.

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look under cycling, then Highclere.

Very smart, Mr Grub sir.  All you need are some ACF shoes and the look is complete!!

(and what's going on in number 30? You seem to be at the front!!)

I am at the front on a number of the hills too.
I became quite good at figuring out when their would be a photo opportunity.
There is one when I even look thin in the face even after just consuming my own weight in yoghurt coated flapjacks.


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