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Surprisingly, I couldn'd find one of these already.

Good news: I've just ordered my n+1 Pompetamine Versa (8 Speed), Yayyyyy!!!  ;D  ;D  ;D

Bad news: I'm not going to be able to ride it for a couple of weeks after is arrives  :'(   :'(  :'(

Good news: it's Friday and I can have a rest tomorrow.
Bad news: my Pomp is being sent back on Monday and my LHT is still behaving badly. So I don't really have a bike to ride at the moment. :(

Good News - only one week until the end of this contract (its been shitty, will talk more about it)
Bad News - I have one week to find a new job  :(

I did an audax!

But the conjunctivitis and the earache are back and even though I've had an absolutely lovely day I actually feel a bit grim :(

Good news: Crinkly did an audax!
Bad news: Crinkly's feeling poorly. :(


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